Corporate Wellness Workshops & Programs

How it works

Carla is available to host a one-off, ½ day workshop or an ongoing (4/6/8) week program. These sessions will consist of one or all of the following:

  • Yoga classes - Carla will guide your team through a series of yoga postures and breathing exercises to help reduce stress, enhance well-being, improve posture flexibility and strength.
  • Meditation session - Carla will guide your team through a series of meditations focusing on breath, stillness, scanning the body’s energy centres and sending love, compassion and joy to ourselves and sharing that with others in our lives.
  • Mindfulness workshops- Carla will host interactive presentations where staff will learn realistic practices that they can apply in their work day and everyday life to better manage stressors and challenges that arise; plus cultivate a deeper feelings of gratitude, fulfilment, satisfaction and success.


"Get Happy Now"

A 1/2 Day Workshop

Carla will start the day with a yoga class, followed by a mediation. After a short break Carla will share her knowledge, techniques and teachings about happiness and how to incorporate that into our daily lives.


Your team will walk away feeling open, honest, more full of joy, gratitude and happiness. They will also be equipped with tips and tricks that they can start to implement into their daily lives.

For Carla’s availability and to discuss Carla hosting this workshop at your office, please complete the enquiry form below.

"Happy Me"

A 6 Week Corporate Wellness Program

Each week Carla will work through a yoga class, short meditation and a different happiness technique that will teach your staff how to re-train their brains to cultivate happiness, plus improve productivity and performance.


After the 6 weeks your team will be equipped with a knowledge and understanding of a basic yoga flow, a set of easy meditations they can use everyday in their own lives, plus a selection of techniques to cultivate positivity and deal with challenges when they arise.

To learn how Carla could facilitate one of her signature or bespoke services for you and your team, please complete the form below.