Carla Maree Simpson is a

highly sought after professional speaker

Her key message that happiness is a conscious choice and no matter what circumstances we are faced with in our lives we can choose to be happy.

Happiness just does not affect one area of our lives, it affects all areas of our lives. If we are happier at home we are more likely to be happier and produce better results at work vice versa.

Through speaking, Carla helps her audience take ownership of their choices and to unlock their full potential.

Carla has a courageous personality who champions people to become fearless. Her events are highly entertaining, empowering, engaging and inspire the audience to take action. Her hilarious and dangerous adventures as a backpacker instilled in her courageous and bold approach to life which enabled her to achieve business and personal success at an early age.

Participants walk away buzzing, smiling and feeling extremely grateful; but also pumped with inspiration and a notepad full of practical tips and tricks to get more happiness and joy in every area of their lives.

Speakers For Good

I’m honored to be one of the very first Speakers for Good in the world. That means I’m part of a very special group of people who use our businesses and our speaking platform to make life better for those in need, and make the world a better place, by helping to achieve the UN Global Goals.

My personal goal is to make 1 million measurable and verifiable differences – 1 million impacts – which I call ‘smiles’, because they really do put smiles on so many faces.

And when you work with me as a speaker, we’ll be taking another big step towards that goal together.

Get in touch and I’ll explain how.

Some of Carla’s most impactful presentations are on:  topics to speak about are

  • Cultivating more happiness and joy in every area of our lives
  • Happiness is a conscious choice - how to take control of your choices, daily habits and mastering your mindset.
  • The power of Yoga and meditation.
  • Cultivating a happier workplace. Believing that business and organisations are failing to recognise the genuine cost of unhappy employees to their bottom line.
  • Investing in staff happiness will yield results in productivity, reduced sick leave, healthier team members and less staff turnover.
  • The power of happy leadership - how to create a workplace culture with happy engaged employees.
carla maree speaking

Carla has spoken at numerous high profile events such as Mind Body Spirit festival, Speakers institute TEN X events and Live well festivals.

If you’d like to explore booking Carla for a keynote presentation, workshop, Yoga and meditation event, festival or conference, please contact us via the form below