Your turn

I challenge you to go through your diary, what could you eradicate out of your schedule so that you are not so busy, because believe me busy is boring.


Quiz for busyness.

When people ask you, ‘How are you, what do you say?’

- Awesome. I am great, I've just been so busy lately, how are you?

- Good thanks just super busy, the day just seems to get away from me. Goes so fast.

- Busy but great thanks.

Take the time to dive deep and check in with your choice of language.

See how you describe your day and if you are like me, abusing the word, ‘busy’, way too much. What else could you say instead?

Please don’t replace the word, ‘busy’ with ‘Good’. If you ask me that is just as boring. Everyone always says they are good, but really are we just being polite for the sake of it?

Remember we are creating habits and deliberate conscious shifts to bring more joy into our lives. We want to be that fun, jolly, positive person that people enjoy being around. So why not start proclaiming how you feel? How you wish to feel awesome, outstanding, extraordinary and incredible.

Just saying these energetic words unconsciously makes us feel so much bouncier and more alive.

Let’s not be busy or good. That is Boring. Be Amazing.

Words do have the power to create. Words are so much more than a few letters put together. They are ideas and vibrations that we are sending out to the world.

Really start thinking about the words that come out of your mouth.

Thoughts and words become things.

I started to practice some new sentences and words that I could use to change up my vocabulary and what was coming out of my mouth.

A few of my favourite when asked, how I am:

- I’m having a ball, it's been such a brilliant day.

- Today is just a magical day.

- I’m feeling incredible...And you?

They are some of my examples. I encourage you to come up with three examples that suit you and that you feel confident and comfortable with saying.

Creating a new vocabulary can be hard at times and it’s a challenge but it just takes practice like any new skill set or habit.

The fun part is starting to notice other people’s reactions when you answer their questions like Miss Positive.

They will look at you with a little shock. It is hilarious. I get such a kick out of noticing how people react when you spread fun, energetic words and vibes their way. Just watch and notice, they will soon want to join in. Energy attracts energy, it's contagious.

Don’t be Boring or Busy.

Be Spectacular.

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