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You Can Overcome Anything: Ep 186 - Say YES to life ALWAYS – Carla Simpson

Hey guys this week I was lucky to be interviewed on the You Can Overcome Anything! Podcast Show see below and jump on and have a listen brings to you a special guest by the name of Carla Simpson.

Carla is an inspirational, motivational speaker and author on all things Happiness. Carla has been spreading her message around the world that 'Happiness is a Conscious Choice', and we can all 'Say Yes to Life’. She helps to empower people to live with purpose, smile every day and amplify

their happiness, joy, and abundance with everyone they encounter. Carla wants to help you claim your Happiness with total confidence and ease and has created a toolkit a step-by-step guide to help people make a difference in their lives so that they too can say yes to life no matter what difficulty they are facing. Life is a journey but let's try and smile, laugh a little more on the way

Carla's Simpson message to you is: Your happiness is your number 1 job in life, what can you do today to bring more joy into your day

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