What is Happiness?

What is your definition of happiness?

Let’s find out.

What do you personally think it means to be happy?

What does happiness really mean to you?

Not what your mum has taught you or what your partner says.

So many of us think that happiness is going to come from an outside source like I mentioned earlier. I am going to be happy when I lose those 10 kilos, or I am going to be happy when I get a boyfriend.

Why do you want these?

The reason you want each of these in the long run is to be happy. It’s the ultimate result that we are looking for and every other desire exists so we will be happy.

So, it is basically saying that everything you want in life is how you are going to be happy. Why not start first, take action and decide to just be happy?

The reason we all tend to think like this is because that is how we’ve been taught. We end up getting so stuck on the goal we desire and want to achieve and forgetting about the why.

So, we will be Happy.

Happiness is not the cake you eat when coming out of the oven.

It’s all the different ingredients you put in the bowl to create the cake.

It's not the destination, it’s the path.

When I climbed Everest Base Camp it was not the ultimate moment when I reached the top and saw the sign saying, ‘Welcome to Everest Base Camp’.

Sure, that was awesome, but when I think back to that trip, it was each step, each breathe and all the laughs and freezing nights that puts a huge smile on my face. These are the stories I tell and remember. Without the 19 day walk, the base camp would mean nothing.

Everyone thinks they know what happiness is, but based on evidence of the society we live in, it's quite obvious that it’s the thing we know the least about.

Who remembers going to a happiness class at school, or talking about what happiness is around the dinner table?

It’s assumed we all know what it is and for this reason the conversation never started.

We love to blame others for why we are not happy (playing the victim) instead of owning it and taking responsibility. Being the captain of the ship. The thing is, happiness isn't really going to come from anything else. It’s something you choose. We want to believe that happiness happens to us, but guess what? Every second of every day you can choose happiness and joy or ………………………….not. The choice is yours.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

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