• carla339

What does not bring you Joy?

So your first job is to take the time to sit down and write down all the jobs and tasks that you do in your day and week.

o Walking the dog

o Cooking

o Washing

o Cleaning

o Social media

You get the idea.

Then go through your list and tick what you enjoy doing and what you really would rather not do.

o Walking the dog ✓

o Cleaning 🗴

o Washing 🗴

o Social media ✓

Doing this exercise made me realise that I do not really enjoy going to the supermarket, strolling around endlessly. It often made me feel agitated and impatient.

This exercise gave me real clarity and I decided to get my organic food delivered to my front door, that way I just have to put it in the fridge, and it's done.