What does Happiness feel like to you?

No matter what is going on in our lives we have the choice to choose a different perspective. To get agitated or remain calm. To smile or to frown (it is all a choice).

I get that this can be challenging, but the reality is we can’t blame anyone else for what is going on in our lives and we definitely can’t blame them for how you feel about what is going on.

Well you can, but that means you are choosing to be the victim.

Who wants to be a victim?

Not me and I'm guessing not you either. Hence why you have picked up this book and are committing to making a change.

The most important lesson for you to learn in life is that your happiness is your choice and it’s the reason for everything else.

The reason most girls want to lose weight, earn more, get married is to…………….be happy.

Really you have never done anything in your life that is not geared towards your happiness.

Call it selfish or self-care, whatever the truth is, we are doing it for ourselves. We are all on our path trying to help ourselves feel happy. Happiness is not found, it is chosen and what makes you feel happy and joyful might be the opposite of what makes me feel happy.

But the moment that you decide to drop this idea that happiness comes from an outcome and believe that it's right there under your nose – it's achievable right now with a choice, a different perspective - a shift.

You just have to want to be happy more than you want to be unhappy. If you can, choose today to see that you are living someone’s dream. You're alive, you woke up this morning and opened your eyes, you have won the ultimate jackpot.

The moment you make that choice, everything else, all those circumstances, outcomes, goals you can use to your advantage and they can help you feel even happier. Hell yeah, that’s what we want.

We are happy. We are Happier. We are just so HAPPY.

Let’s dive a little deeper and take some time to define what happiness is and what happiness is not.

Happiness is for me an overall feeling, an aura.

It can be fleeting moments of joy. That moment the sun shone down in your eyes walking along the beach. Or that sip of hot coffee freshly brewed. That feeling, a fleeting moment but that sense of aura that it brings to you. Oh, my goodness that sun feels incredible. Just that moment can start to shift something inside you and can change the way you start to feel about the day and how you are going to perceive the rest of your day.

Happiness really is how we feel, our interaction within our self, and the interaction with the world. Happiness and joy are very interlinked.

But what brings you happiness might be different to what brings me happiness. We are all individual and have our unique sense of what happiness will feel like to us.

What does Happiness feel like to you?

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