We all deserve a good pamper

Everyone loves and deserves a good pamper every now and then.

Looking back when I first did this list exercise, I really realised that cleaning is not how I want to be spending my time and it’s not that I can’t clean or that I am a bad cleaner, but I just don't put my heart and soul into it. I look for quick fix options so I may as well give that money to someone else that needs a job and does a much better job than me.

Money is really an exchange of energy. We make some to spend some. I do my absolute best to help and share this with others as this is what makes the world go around.

Another thing on my list that I discovered that I love to do is walk my dog Shazza. Walking gets a huge tick and yes, I walk her every day, rain, hail or shine. I just love it. I don’t really enjoy washing and bathing her, that got a cross, so once a month Shazza gets a day out at the puppy groomer and boy does she love it and the beautiful lady that grooms her does such a brilliant job.

Shazza gets to come back all clean, fresh and she's even got a bow in her hair. This always makes me smile (I would never ever put a bow in her hair but I love how cute she looks when she comes home with it in.

I can hear some of you saying to me ‘yes but all this delegation costs money’ and yes you are 100% correct. It does cost money. I truly believe that my happiness is the number one job in the world and there is no price you can put on our own personal happiness.

The way I see it, money is energy and I’ve always had the attitude that I do not need to be the richest girl in the graveyard. It's about being smart with our money and becoming aware of our habits. I’m not a huge spender; I do not really buy clothes unless I need them. In fact I went a year and a half without purchasing any clothing at all as I wanted to try and use all the unworn clothes in my wardrobe. This is a great exercise to try and do, as we have so much waste in the world. It's fun as you get really creative and wear items that you may not of necessarily wanted to wear and these for me have turned out to be some of my favourite outfits now.

Where can you cut costs to make your life easier?

After I became a yoga teacher, I no longer needed to pay for a membership at a local studio as I was teaching. So, I cut the cost in my yoga membership.

Have a long hard look at yourself for a minute and look at your spending. This can be confronting. Yep I get it. So often we realise that we are wasting so much money on stuff.

This exercise is about being selective and prioritising where you choose to spend your money. When I did this exercise as mentioned earlier, getting the house cleaned became a priority. How was I able to pay for a cleaner once a fortnight, $30 a week?

I need to make sure that I pack my lunch every day for work instead of running across a few times a week and grabbing some sushi. Not only has it given me my whole Sunday back., I give a single mother of three a job and the bonus is I have made a great friend along the way. All I had to do was find the $30 a week.

Maybe for you it’s as simple as making coffee at home instead of going out and having coffee every day. Or cutting down from 3 coffees a day to just one. It might be giving up getting your nails done professionally and saving it for special occasions. Do you need to go and get your hair washed at the hairdressers or can you wash it yourself?

Unless it’s one of the tasks that you gave a big tick to.

If it's something that brings you joy then make sure you keep it and just sort out a budget and go through your list, making some compromises.

If you have not yet started I would like you to take out your journal and go through a list of your daily habits and chores marking:

A: If it's a joy, you give it a tick ✓

B: If it is a negative. You cross it 🗴

And then you can start to work your way through the list, prioritising what you would love to get rid of and maybe what you would like to add and start thinking and brainstorming some ways for making this a reality. Remember - what we think about we bring about.

You might only start with one small change now and then in a few weeks or months you can address this list again and maybe add or minus another.

This exercise starts to bring our awareness and attention to our money habits and what we really enjoy and love to do and what we don’t enjoy or love to do.

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