The Big Question

Once upon a time, I was like most of us who was living a pretty good life. I grew up in an awesome family in NSW, Australia. I call it a magic country as it’s just so beautiful. I’m the youngest of 4 and have 3 older brothers. This as a young girl taught me to stand up for myself. If I didn’t stand up for me who else would? My brothers gave me my fair share of fights, arguments and brother/sister yelling matches.

I have the most beautiful parents; both always showed me love and support and have been married for over 40 years.

I had a great youth and got the opportunity to travel, live abroad and backpack my way across the globe.

I live in a beautiful country and have a great job (running my own business). So yes, I thought I was living a rather good life. I had the daily routine down. I would get up every morning, do some exercise, always ate well, went to work without complaining, I really thought that I was pretty happy until I discovered……..what true happiness was.

What is true Happiness?

Don’t worry we will get to this later.

Most people or books you read, the author has a breakthrough after an accident, illness or near death experience, but no not me, I just woke up – it's like a veil was lifted and I could see.

Have you ever had the experience of putting on glasses, or wearing contacts for the first time?

It’s amazing you can’t believe what you can see.

This is what finding true happiness felt like for me, from living, thinking I could see all the freckles on my face to putting on glasses and going ‘holy moly” man do I have some freckles.

I really discovered what the true essence of happiness means and what happiness is beyond work, routine and thoughts - beyond what most of us think happiness is or where happiness comes from.

I don't remember a time at school growing up taking a class on what happiness is or how we achieve it. I do recall getting taught what most of us are taught. Go to school, get a job, you get married and have a baby. But something about this plot did not sit right with me. I wanted more but was not sure what more meant.

The truth is, happiness doesn't really come from anyone else or anything else. Happiness is self-made. How happy I am, how good I feel, is my number one job in life and it's my job only. I can't expect anyone else to make me happy, they may add something to how joyful I feel but it's dependent upon me. If I don't feel joyful and happy then it's something that I am personally doing or not doing.

I now live and breathe this, making sure that I choose consciously to be happy and to make the best of every single day.

That is really what I'm here to help you do. My goal is to help you get a little bit more out of your everyday life, even if you think you are happy. Surely you would like to be a little bit happier?

I’ve never met anyone who says, I'm happy and not interested in anything else, I don’t need any more happiness.

I think we can all go from 10% happy to 20% happy to 50% happy and so on.

As I see it, the bucket is never empty, and the bucket is never full because life is an adventure. Every day there is an opportunity for growth and for you to discover new tips and tricks to make you bounce back quicker from the days that were tough. Each day you discover a different reason to smile.

I think that so many of us, live a life that we think is great and think we are happy until we discover that maybe it's not the life we actually want to be living.

A global poll conducted by Gallup has uncovered that out of the world's one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work. That means that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs or that we're not getting the best out of it.

So, I think, for me, I was never unhappy I was just living a life that I thought was good.

Our society, growing up tells us, go to school and we then get a job so we can pay our bills, but I think most of us deep down know that there's more to life than that.

My life might be different to your life and your life might be different to your sister's life. But the thing is we all need to tune in, listen and really discover what truly makes us happy.

This is the greatest thing about being a human. We are all born individuals and what makes me tick and feel happy might make you feel sick, and what makes you happy I could say, “oh my goodness you couldn't pay me to do that.” That's why life is such an incredible adventure.

Are you ready to step up and take your adventure up a notch or two?

Let me ask you a question.


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