• carla339

The Big Question

Once upon a time, I was like most of us who was living a pretty good life. I grew up in an awesome family in NSW, Australia. I call it a magic country as it’s just so beautiful. I’m the youngest of 4 and have 3 older brothers. This as a young girl taught me to stand up for myself. If I didn’t stand up for me who else would? My brothers gave me my fair share of fights, arguments and brother/sister yelling matches.

I have the most beautiful parents; both always showed me love and support and have been married for over 40 years.

I had a great youth and got the opportunity to travel, live abroad and backpack my way across the globe.

I live in a beautiful country and have a great job (running my own business). So yes, I thought I was living a rather good life. I had the daily routine down. I would get up every morning, do some exercise, always ate well, went to work without complaining, I really thought that I was pretty happy until I discovered……..what true happiness was.

What is true Happiness?

Don’t worry we will get to this later.

Most people or books you read, the author has a breakthrough after an accident, illness or near death experience, but no not me, I just woke up – it's like a veil was lifted and I could see.

Have you ever had the experience of putting on glasses, or wearing contacts for the first time?

It’s amazing you can’t believe what you can see.