The Art of Letting Go

What does letting go even mean?

Are you the person that runs around with so much baggage and burdens? Things that you are still holding on to from what happened to you as a child, or what your ex-partner said? Possibly holding onto the fact that maybe you did not get invited to your friend’s wedding.

Do you hold onto memories of the past so heavily that they start to weigh you down and you find yourself thinking about these circumstances and stories on repeat throughout your day?

Our life can be like chapters of a book. You’ve gone through them, you’ve read each page, finished that chapter, flip the page, you get a new chapter, a new chance and a new opportunity every single day.

To start the new chapter, we have to be willing to break from the past and allow ourselves to have the future that we all desperately desire.

We must cultivate courage. The courage to allow ourselves to honour the past as it happened, to forgive those who need to be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, and to acknowledge that everything led you to this point now. Everything. Even all those crappy times - those experiences and events that come back and haunt us repeatedly (believe me I have a few).

I am such a believer that everything happens for a reason. It's difficult and hard to grasp this at times but I think overall it makes the challenging, hard times so much easier to learn and grow from.

The truth is, holding onto pain doesn’t fix anything whatsoever.

Replaying the past repeatedly over and over again in our minds, thinking we shouldn’t have done this, or berating ourselves for not saying this or that, doesn’t change anything, wishing things were different doesn’t make it so.

In some cases, especially when it comes to the past, all you can do is accept whatever it is we are holding on to and try to let it go.

That’s how everything changes, how we let go of the burden and heaviness that ties us down.

We must somehow find a way to let go of what is hurting us, even if it feels almost impossible.

Deciding to hold onto the past will hold you back from so much, especially creating a strong sense of self. A self that is not defined by your past, but rather by who you want and aspire to be.

Many of us have trouble letting go of our pain or other unpleasant emotions about our past because we think those feelings are part of our identity or story. In some ways, it's scary to let it go, as it becomes part of us. We don't know who we are without that pain.

I dare say that I’m aware of the art of letting go and practice this daily. I still have so many stories that I love to repeat unconsciously over and over again and even when I feel like I have let it go, even years later, it can often creep back in and I’m like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat not again. Why am I still upset about this?

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