Start your day the best way

I am a huge fan of owning my morning and doing the best I can to prepare myself for an awesome day.

I’m even more passionate about taking time to make sure we are nourishing and giving to ourselves in a way that sparks joy each and every single day.

If we cannot give to ourselves before anyone else wants a piece of us how can we possibly be expected to give to anyone else?

The morning time is a great idea to get ready for the day and fuel yourself for success, but for many this may be hard or even impossible.

If you are a single mother of three and have three kids you have to get up and get organised, so they can get to school and yourself to work. The morning time might not be the best time for you.

The important thing to note I think is, that we are all individual and you need to find what works for you and your lifestyle. As long as you make yourself and your time a priority.

The number one goal is to bring more joy, fun and smiles into our everyday lives. So how can we do this?

We need to have a closer look at our habits, as we become our main habits. Our daily habits are our fate and future.

Changing habits can be tough work as they do become part of us just like a limb.

Habits are invisibly designing our lives. Most of us think the same thoughts daily and also repeat the same habits every day making up approximately 40% of our lives. If we learn to change our habits, we get excited and can change our lives.

Most of us have friends or know someone who has a bad habit that they are trying to shake, and it’s a hard thing to overcome. The most common are quitting smoking, starting exercise, stop procrastinating, eating healthier, having more personal time, not working so hard all the time.

What about when we shake and mix this up a little and instead focus on adding some habits that bring us more joy in our day.

If we are having more fun and smiling more, we tend to be more present in a flow state so we don’t seem to go searching and looking for those self-sabotaging, destructive habits.

The first step is self-awareness.

All our habits, all our happiness and how full our personal joy tank is, bounces back to self-awareness. We need to work on creating daily habits, rituals and routines that amp up our happiness and joy tank for us to work towards living an increasingly colourful and joyful life.

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