Setting personal boundaries and practicing saying, ‘No’.

Have a look through your diary daily, weekly, monthly and break down your schedule, placing some personal non-negotiable boundaries in place. What time can you set for YOU and only YOU?

- Is turning off that phone at nine o'clock at night.

- Maybe setting a boundary with your partner that when you come home at night, the phones go into another room and you sit, you have dinner together with no distractions or interruptions.

- Possibly setting a boundary with your girlfriends that your weekly coffee date has a rule that no phones on the table and no gossiping about others is allowed. Phone free catch ups are my favourite. I think people often like the rule, it makes them more conscious of how they are spending their time.

- Perhaps it is setting a boundary with your boss and making them aware in a kind and professional manner, that you are happy to work your set number of hours but you would appreciate a longer lunch break so you can leave the office and head to the gym.

Making that time for yourself. Or you may need to set a personal boundary that you will not answer phone calls or emails from work on Sundays as this is your day off. If this is hard you can always leave an email reply and message back explaining to people that you don’t answer your phone during your day off, most people will respect and honor you for valuing your time.

Your turn.

Ok so now in your journal it's time to start setting some daily, weekly, yearly boundaries. Always remember you need to be strict and make it a priority in your life to do those things that bring you more joy and happiness.

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