Self-Love | Self-Care

Its time to do some soul work

Get out your diary and have a look at your weekly, monthly, annual, and daily schedule and start to pencil in some magic moment appointments for your own self nourishment. How can you make time for YOU?

What habit can you make a priority each day that you love to do that would bring sustenance and depth to your soul?

You might have a few daily magic moments like me and some that are weekly.

Once a fortnight I like to get a massage or go and have a magnesium float tank. I can't do this every day but I book into my schedule every few weeks as I am of the opinion that I like to respect my body and show that I care and am choosing to say thank you and looking after it.

Having such a physical job, I think it's super important to look after my body like it looks after me.

An annual self-care ritual for you might be to book a holiday or retreat.

Once a year I like to go on a solo holiday to Bali to spend some time relaxing and reading by the pool or beach, eating amazing vegan food, doing yoga and meditating without any other interruptions. I always come back feeling so recharged, energised often with amazing new ideas.

When we create space without so many distractions, we allow our intuition to come knocking on our door.

Hopefully my self-love rituals have given you lots of inspiration and ideas of how much your day can be scheduled with yourself and that yes, you are that important.

I have learnt that I needed to work smarter, not harder, and the first step was to create good habits and have magic moments every day.

This act of kindness to oneself really has such a powerful ability to lift your spirit and bring so many smiles into your life.

It can be hard at times to honour and make time for you. I went through a stage of feeling extremely guilty for this and have to sometimes remind myself that I own and run three business and NEED CARLA TIME, it’s a priority.

Your quest is to start scheduling your time with you as the Number 1 priority.

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