Remember your only Job is your Happiness

Growing up in our society most of us are taught that it is polite to say, ‘Yes’, to help others out when they ask. I totally believe it is awesome to offer a hand to someone else but this does not have to be all the time.

In fact, definitely not, if it’s going to be having a negative effect on how much love and joy you are bringing into your day. This expectation and ‘disease to please’ is becoming a huge problem in our everyday lives.

It is scientifically proven that anger and resentment are often the result we feel, when we are remorseful for doing things we don't want to be doing. It can cause headaches, migraines, chest pains, and aches.

Long term anger issues can further complicate pre-existing health conditions. It can also put you at risk for hypertension, high blood pressure, depression, and cardiovascular issues. This bitterness can cause negative effects on our immune system and overall mind, body and soul health.

We are all aware that laughing is contagious, so is anger. The anger you hold and feel can rub off on others and no one wants to be the person people think of and refer to as angry, unhappy or a Debbie Downer.

We would rather be known for being that person that brings smiles and joy into others’ lives. Being referred to as jolly, energetic and positive is certainly what vibe I aim to put out in the world.

When we are feeling good, this affects and influences others. Remind yourself to choose things that make you feel happy and joyful. This way you get to share your good vibes with everyone you reach within your day.

What are you currently doing for other people that if I asked you honestly and wholeheartedly you would rather not?

To nourish, respect and value yourself and your time a little more, what boundaries can you possibly put in place?

Is it that your mum rings and asks you to go into the grocery store with her every week? Not because she needs help but just because she would rather do it with you. As much as you feel you should do it with her, do you really want to? What do you do? Do you say, ‘Yes’ because you're too afraid to upset her?

Are you that person that is running around doing stuff for other people all day and by the end of the week you feel deflated, exhausted and overwhelmed as you feel that you have suffered with having no time to yourself, to get your own ‘to do list’ done?

You then have to spend the entire weekend trying to recover from other people's energy and catch up on your priorities.

If this is you, it can be extremely difficult but we need to start to practice the art of saying, ‘No’.

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