Remember our #1 Goal in Life is to be Happy

The majority of us take time every day to clean our teeth. I say majority, I know that when growing up my oldest brother Daniel didn't clean his teeth every day, we were always harassing him about it. I do hope he is better with cleaning these days. I'm sure he must be, as his wife wouldn't let him share a bed otherwise.

Having a shower is another task that the majority of us do each day, sometimes even more than once. I am deeply convinced it's just as important we take care in cleaning the outside of our bodies as it is just as essential to take time daily to nourish our insides too. Deep within ourselves, our core, our souls - that part of us that we can’t see, but we sure can feel.

How do we do this?

We go through our daily schedule and every day is different but so much is similar. Most of us do the same activities and chores over 40% of the time. Meaning we can get a good gauge of how we are spending our days, enabling us to add a few pockets of smiles and joys in our every day schedule or timetable.

How I like to structure this is, I get out my calendar, and every day I schedule time for me. With a bright yellow fluro pen, I highlight Carla time.

I love to start my day with meditation, so I schedule this in my diary every single morning except for the days that I teach yoga, super early. I plan the meditation after my class on those early morning days.

Remember the key to this exercise is making it work for your personal timetable.

I also highlight and schedule every day to walk my fur baby – the time of our walk varies daily due to other appointments, clients, classes and commitments I have. But each day I look to see where I have scheduled puppy walks into my day.

I love walking Shazza, I make this a priority. Otherwise Shazza will let me know. I’ve had to clean up her poop in my unit many times when I’ve not valued this time and let other things on my schedule come first. Shazza does like to teach me a good lesson.

Reading is something that I just adore and really fills my joy tank each day in my working week. I have an hour scheduled for reading time. Of course, this is done with a cappuccino on the table and my phone off. This way I know that I can enjoy this slice of Carla time, get immersed into my book and not be distracted by the phone calls and messages.

I was having trouble at one stage figuring out how I could find the time to do this, so I decided that no longer would I meet friends for my lunch breaks unless it was a special occasion. Instead, my lunch date became a date with myself and my book.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I never ever thought I would love reading so much, I just love this personal time. I read on average one book a week and honestly it has changed my life.

If you don’t get a lunch break, maybe for you it's on your commute to work or listening to an audio book whilst driving the car.

Whatever works for you, this has to be an individual plan.

Taking time for yourself every day and making you a priority really is what true self-care and self-love is.

Self-care is so underrated, it's really the best anecdote to prevent stress and anxiety. Taking that scheduled time every day for you and only you to give your body and mind time to rest, reset and rejuvenate.

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