In my opinion if everyone learnt from a young age to meditate, the world would definitely be a happier and calmer place. I still can't believe that I am saying and writing that.

Once upon a time and only a few years back, I hated meditation. There is no way in hell anyone could encourage or even pay me to stop, pause, be still and try to mediate. But then……………………………………. something happened.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” The only reason I even decided to give this meditation thing ago was as mentioned previously, I love reading. I'm the biggest book nerd going around, it still blows my mind that so many of the amazing leaders, exceptional humans and brilliant minds in the world have one thing in common THEY MEDITATE.

When asked what they attribute their success to, the common answer was meditation. I’m a personal development and personal growth junkie and I read these inspiring stories to help be inspired, grow and learn from the great masters.

I thought to myself, if I want to make a huge impact and help people all over the world and become the best version of myself, then I better learn to meditate.

Don't get me wrong, at the beginning I had so much resistance. A billion reasons for not wanting to find and make time for this. But one day I made a choice and believe me it was a great choice.

I'm still battling and learning every day but that's why the practice is so effective. It forces me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I have made a personal pledge to myself that I am always going to be a student for life, always willing to learn and grow each and every day. Like a plant or that blade of grass, what does not grow, dies.

Meditation helps me grow. Indigenous Australian inheritors of the world's oldest living culture have known for a very long time that to learn, you need to slow down, shut up and allow yourself to sit in silence.

Sitting in silence in today's high tech world seems very strange. We are constantly distracting ourselves with phones, music, podcasts, books, people. Many people will openly say that they can't be by themselves, they hate alone time.

Is this a good thing?

Can you and when was the last time you sat in silence with no distractions of any sort?

The effects of meditation are endless, all you need to do is google this and you will see pages of benefits and types of meditation. The effects can be so subtle and quiet and yet they can be extremely powerful even life changing - that has certainly been the case for me.

It still blows my mind that I once hated meditation so much and now I am a meditation teacher and meditate twice a day every day. Even setting the alarm to get up earlier to make sure this happens.

Words really are inadequate to describe the effects of meditation and everyone has a different experience. Every day I have a different experience. You can try your best to explain the experience of travelling to people that have never travelled but they will never know what you mean, unless they start travelling. It is the same with meditation.

The greatest challenge to our meditation practice and in fact anything in life really, is ourselves. We can be our own best friend or worst enemy. It is our choice.

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