Letting Go

In your journal also add a list of some of the tasks that you are ready to let go of. Some of mine were cleaning the house, washing the car, doing the food shopping.

I’m sure you have a million things you would love to throw in the rubbish, let go of and allow more space for joy and smiles.

The last list is..........


Who are you judging? Are you judging yourself?

We can’t help it, all us human beings judge, but why are you judging others?

We all hate when we feel judged but we still do it to ourselves and others.

Make a list of the people that you find you are judging and ask yourself why? No one wants to be judgmental and whether you are judging yourself or others, this for sure, dims our energy, light and happy hormones. It never feels good. I can sometimes come home kicking myself if I have been caught up in a judgment conversation. I find that I personally work really hard on not judging others but sometimes when I’m in a group with my friends we can get caught up in gossip and judgmental conversations about ourselves and others. I hate that I can get caught in this and that I took part and engaged in it. It really makes me feel awful and nasty.

Are you judging others?

Write that list of the people that you find you make judgment on. This will help you release these thoughts and then if you feel ready, let go of it. Reminding yourself that no one likes to be judged.

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