Lets find new space

I have learnt to accept and find space for new substance and space.

I find it helpful to forgive whoever has hurt me.

In the case I mentioned, I have taken the time to forgive my next-door neighbour. This was not easy and has taken me some time but every day it gets easier.

With any change, we need to remind ourselves that it takes time, there is no quick fix or magic pill but accept that healing of any sort takes time.

Taking some time to work on letting go of our baggage, past and fears is so important for all of us. It allows space for new experiences, feelings and desires to arrive. Yes, at times it might still come back up and feel like it’s haunting you but if we have the awareness and the tools to deal with it when it arrives, it gets that much easier.

Letting go may not be so much about some of the emotional wounds from the past that are haunting you, it can be as simple as learning to let go of those physical chores or physical things that we're doing that aren't bringing you any joy.

I once found it hard to tell people that I had a cleaner. For some reason, I felt like they would judge me.

Stupid if you ask me, but I had to let go of that and get comfortable with telling people that, yes, I pay a cleaner, because I don't want or like to clean my house, it doesn't bring me joy.

I do not care what they think anymore because it's something that I have chosen to do and it is a decision that has brought such delight into my life.

Are you willing to let go of the things that you do not want to do anymore? If you don't want to do the groceries, awesome there are so many alternative options available you could get it ordered online and get it delivered to your door but accept the fact that you've made that decision, breathe and just let it go.

If you have been doing something for your friend each week or attending singles night because she wants and asks you too but you don't really want to go, then be okay with saying, ‘no’. Breathe and just let it go.

Us humans love to hold onto the past – but why? What is the point? The past can't change, and we can keep thinking about it repeatedly but nothing's going to change. It is done. It is called the past for a reason.

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