It's journal time. When you are ready sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Taking some time to write out and journal all the things that you can think of, that you know deep inside, you are holding onto.

Things you feel ready and willing to start the process of letting go and even if you feel you are not ready yet, still write it out as something that you are hoping to move through in the future.

A great way is to start listing out all the grudges that you sense are keeping you stuck.


Perhaps you hold grudges from past relationships, with friends, family members or co-workers. So often someone might say something to us at the time and it digs deep. It can be extremely hurtful and instead of sharing at the time how it made us feel, we hold onto it, pushing it down deep within our beings. Letting it sink into our subconscious energy fields and body, occasionally even years later, popping up, reminding us of the hurt, pain and trauma it has caused. Just thinking about it dims your light and you feel a spark of joy gone.

Often, it's hard to be aware if we are still holding onto hurt and wounds from the past.

How I tap into this and become aware and a little more conscious, is when I think about the event or incident, I consider how it makes me feel. Light, calm, at ease or heavy, resistant and possibly angry?

Any feeling that takes away my smile, dimming my light, I know is something that is stealing my peace and this I appreciate needs some work, softening and healing.

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