Its Podcast Tuesday with Will Turtle

Are you interested in eating and living a conscious life that can help save our planet?

If so this episode of Get Happy Hour is for you

In this episode I chat with the author of the The Wealth Health diet Will Turtle. Dr. Will Tuttle, visionary author, educator, and inspirational speaker, is author of the acclaimed Amazon #1 best-seller The World Peace Diet, published in 16 languages. He has presented widely throughout the world, in all 50 states and over 50 countries over the past 40 years, sharing the vegan message in many thousands of lectures, arguably more than anyone in history.

In this episode we discuss

  • Will talks about how important it is for us to learn about nutrition and really understand where your food comes from.

  • Will talks about his book The World Peace Diet and the importance of making connections between imprisoning, enforcing medications and tracking animals and how this also happens to humans.

  • The most straightforward diet is to go plant-based, whole foods, organic diet with fresh fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds without resorting to processed foods.

  • Will’s definition of happiness is doing the best he can to find his unique pathway into the world and share and bless others with his gifts to make it a better world.

  • Will’s routine in the morning involves, meditation, tai chi, swims in the lake.

  • Nature is what makes Will happy.

  • His way of unwinding is playing the piano, reading out loud and taking an outside shower.

  • Will’s all time favorite book is Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Bucke which had a profound impact on Will

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