Is your busy-ness serving you?

One of my pet hates is when people say to me, ‘Carla, you know, I really want to catch up with you but I know you're so busy’. I was starting to notice that I was getting this response a lot. So, it made me ponder my schedule and the vibe I was sending out to others.

I did not want to be known for being the ‘busy girl’ rushing from one thing to the next.

So, I made the decision to try my best to not use the word ‘busy’ any longer when defining myself or my life.

It was not until I decided to remove the word ‘busy’ from my vocabulary that it became apparent how often I was actually using the word to describe my life. I was one of the many wearing out the word.

I no longer say that I am busy. I am not perfect at this, but I am really trying consciously to work on it.

I am not busy. I now choose to say, I am fulfilled, engaged, occupied, immersed. Anything but that word, ‘BUSY’.

Some answers that I have found work for me.

Hey thanks, yes I am:

- fulfilled doing the things that bring me joy.

- I have totally been engaged in the book that I am writing. I am loving the process.

- Occupied at work lately but it’s so awesome that we are at a real growth and expansion stage. I truly love what I do.

I challenge you to try to catch yourself.

Are you busy being busy?

If so, do you want to be known for that? Is this the vibe that you are wanting to send out into the world?

If you in fact are finding yourself caught up in this busy disease and it’s not bringing you authentic true joy, how can you stop being so busy?

Is your busy-ness serving you?

Is it adding to your level of happiness and joy?

If we are trying to create a life of deliberate intent, is this doing you any favours?

Part of my happiness exploring, has been looking at my vocabulary and the words I use in everyday conversation and more importantly the stories, parables and tales I play in my own mind. Tuning into our own vocabulary and exploring how certain words make us feel, is an influential tool in achieving happiness and letting go of some of our limiting beliefs.

This whole 'busy' thing I discovered was a huge limiting belief. By that I mean, the more I told myself I was busy, the less time I felt I had in my life, finding myself feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Every time I voiced this to someone I was just repeating and sustaining this busy false belief which was not assisting me at all. It was suppressing my fun, jolly, enthusiasm and creativity.

It was deflating how I felt and not adding to my life in any positive way at all. Was I seriously too busy to do things that I loved? Laughing with my friends, having dinner with my parents, going on dates and putting myself out there to meet someone. Too busy to give more than 20 minutes to my precious morning meditation, too busy to prepare nourishing food for myself, too busy to be fully present in my life.

I decided to dig a little deeper into this ‘busy’ word and start to connect the dots on how it actually made me feel. In truth, the word wasn’t serving any part of my life. It made me feel anxious, like I have limited time, overwhelmed, fearful that I won’t get it all done, fully booked up, tired, stressed out and fatigued.

Saying, ‘I'm busy’, I realised made me, for some stupid reason, feel important and validated. Part of me believed that maybe it made me feel and look successful or professional. Why? I don’t even know, but this is the garbage we can get caught up telling ourselves.

I have made it part of my mission and goals to rectify this busy business. Knowing wholeheartedly that I am the only one who is responsible for how I feel. I wanted to shift my attitude around my self-proclaimed busy life. I choose how I feel in each and every moment. I am responsible for how I feel, 100%.

Yes I can get a pretty full schedule and feel booked out, but regardless of what fills our day and how packed our schedules are, we can choose not to use the word, ‘BUSY’, and instead choose to be present and grateful for all that is going on in our worlds.

If it does get overwhelming, we can also choose to let go of some of the 'tasks' that really don't need to get done today or this week.

For instance, in my fine-tuning and deleting this word, ‘busy’ out of my life, I made a choice to let go of some things that don't need to be taking up my time, learning to delegate these jobs to a staff member, I streamlined my life a bit.

It has been a hard lesson and I found it super challenging at the start to loosen my grip but every day I am learning to delegate more, to ask for help more and most importantly to not compare my life and its 'full-ness' or lack thereof to others. I cherish down time, I love walks along the beach in silence with my puppy Shazza. I love practicing being present, mindfulness and the art of living in the moment. I honour my quiet, creative time. I am proud to be less busy and happy to have shifted my mindset from one of being, ‘too busy’, to one of living a full life.

Delegating has now become such a joy it's been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. It has also increased the success of my business. Instead of me rushing to try and get everything done, I delegate to my staff to do things with a different energy, bringing themselves and their personality to the job. A win win situation for all.

I dare you and challenge you to bring more awareness into your vocabulary. Really listening to the words that come out of your mouth. Remove negative, stress-provoking words from your life like, ‘busy’, overwhelmed and stressed. Replace them with words like full, fun, peaceful, exciting and of course happy.

Even if it's difficult at first, tune into your thoughts, words, views and focus on being more deliberate with how you describe yourself and your beautiful life. This has the power to shift your life in incredible ways.

Set a goal to delete that nasty deflating word from your vocabulary, because no one likes a busy, stressed person. You see those people running around jumping from one thing to the next, so anxious and uptight. You can read it all over their body, their language, actions and vibes. That is not who I want to be. I definitely don’t want to project that vibe out into the world.

It's now your turn to dive into your own language and observe the words that come out of your mouth. If you're busy, what energy is that giving the people you are talking to? Always reminding yourself, you are the master of your choices.

You are the one choosing the language you speak. The hard truth is, if you find that you're busy, guess what? Everything that you've chosen to do is your choice and there is no one else to blame.

If you are really that busy and you want to make a bit more free time, what can you stop choosing to do?

Possibly learning the art of delegating. Perhaps you do find that your diary is completely booked up, but you love everything that you're occupied with. Then you're not busy, you are fulfilled. You're living a life that's full of passion, purpose, fervent and you are glowing.

So right now, are you busy? Or are you just saying that you are busy?

How can you try to change, mix and stir this up?

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