• carla339

Happiness is not…….

When you finally get married. Yes, let’s hope that makes you feel incredibly happy and joyful but it’s not the marriage that made you feel that way. You made yourself feel that way. The love you feel for your partner, for the guests, comes from inside you.

You feel this sense of complete oneness; some people describe it as a feeling of or being in a flow state.

I personally think happiness is feeling oneness with yourself with the world, and with the way that you are choosing to live your life.

It is unattainable to be happy and feel happiness 24/7.

Yes, life is an adventure. There are going to be ups and downs, you might get caught in traffic and it gets really frustrating, but in that moment how can you change your perspective or state and choose not to get so frustrated and not let the circumstances steal your peace from within you.

You know, for me when I am stuck in traffic, I might put the Spice Girls on inside the car and just have a big sing or listen to a podcast.

I try my absolute best to not let the uncontrollable control me. But instead I take ownership for the way that I want to feel. Believe me I am not perfect at this but like most thi