Happiness is not…….

When you finally get married. Yes, let’s hope that makes you feel incredibly happy and joyful but it’s not the marriage that made you feel that way. You made yourself feel that way. The love you feel for your partner, for the guests, comes from inside you.

You feel this sense of complete oneness; some people describe it as a feeling of or being in a flow state.

I personally think happiness is feeling oneness with yourself with the world, and with the way that you are choosing to live your life.

It is unattainable to be happy and feel happiness 24/7.

Yes, life is an adventure. There are going to be ups and downs, you might get caught in traffic and it gets really frustrating, but in that moment how can you change your perspective or state and choose not to get so frustrated and not let the circumstances steal your peace from within you.

You know, for me when I am stuck in traffic, I might put the Spice Girls on inside the car and just have a big sing or listen to a podcast.

I try my absolute best to not let the uncontrollable control me. But instead I take ownership for the way that I want to feel. Believe me I am not perfect at this but like most things, daily effort, consistency and action starts to pay off.

Choosing happiness, it is about being able to change your state.

If you are not feeling great or you feel like you are in a little funk you decide to make a transition, working up the emotional guidance scale to feel a little happier and then a little happier.

To know what happiness feels like, you must know the opposite.

So, if you are happy 24/7 for your entire life, you’re missing the opportunity to deal with all your human emotions.

There has to be highs and lows within your life. Hence why it's called a life journey.

It is exploring that and how you feel and deciding to get the ratios up to move up the emotional scale, one step at a time, rather than feeling 50% low and 50% high throughout your day. What if you made a choice to work on the ratio and live life 90% Happy?

What if you started to really take control of your life and you are able to bring that ratio up and up, having the awareness to notice that when you're in a dull state or feeling like you are in the low ratio, you take time to nurture yourself and do something that could shift and move you up the scale. Maybe grabbing a coffee and sitting in silence for 5 minutes.


you are feeling like your ratio is at 40% today and you acknowledge and bring your awareness to this. Okay, so I'm not feeling the best. What can I do to take action to choose to bring that up just maybe a little bit?

Having that self-awareness (step 1) to do something to start bringing you up the scale.

Taking ownership and control of how you feel. Then, what could I possibly do to make me feel better?

This is exactly why I have written this book. As I have discovered the secret recipe for myself and honestly each day I just feel so blessed and in control of how I can continually raise my happiness thermometer or ratio level.

I truly feel that I was given this secret so that I can share this with you. So, you also have the tools to create your own recipe and every single day you can choose to add ingredients and different spices if you need to work on your ratio levels or you feel you need to get a little bit more juice out of your day.

I get it, some of you are probably thinking or saying to yourself but I’m already happy so I don’t really need to read this book or do the exercises - but come on seriously?!!

Even if you think you're happy we could all be happier. If you feel clean today does that mean you decide that you never have to shower again? I HOPE NOT. As no one really loves hanging around a smelly person. Is there ever an end point where you say now, I’m done, you give yourself a pat on the back and say ‘I'm happy enough, I don't need any more joy in my life.’

I think everyone of us - including myself - could take happiness to the next level and to the next level and just keep rising up. This is why I still live by the principles in this book every single day.

As every single day, life happens and I want to make sure that I am getting the best out of my day.

It is kind of like our fitness. Do you say to yourself, ‘I am pretty fit so I’ve got nothing to worry about.’ ‘I don’t need to work out or do any exercise ever again, I’m done with that.’

This is how we get complacent, meaning having a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger or defect.

We never want to get complacent in any area of our lives.

If you are feeling on top of your fitness (yay go you). Does that mean you just sit down and stop looking after yourself?

Same with our friendships or relationships. Do you see successful couples saying, ‘I got this, we are strong, so we never need to work on our relationship or make time for each other anymore.’

This is a complete warning sign. This attitude is heading in one direction and one direction only and that's a potential breakup. My parents have had a strong marriage for over 40 years and they still make daily effort and have regular date nights.

Personal Growth and Personal Development is a vital part in a person's journey through life and their maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

We can always get fitter, healthier and yes HAPPIER. Everything in life needs to grow and like a plant needs watering every day.

You need to take ownership of your happiness and water yourself so that you can grow, evolve and work towards being the highest and best version of yourself.

As we dive into this book’s principles and recipe for happiness, I ask and encourage you to try and keep an open mind and dive in with a big heart and this will take your life to the next level.

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