Get Happy Hour Tuesday

Time to check in with ourselves with your host Carla Maree

Hey guys

This week my podcast is a solo episode where we dive in and have a good check in with ourselves

have a listen and love to hear your thoughts and what you are working on within yourself, if you love this then please do me a favor and leave a review

Thankyou xx

  • Carla talks about the framework of things that are bringing spice to her life! Including a sauna that helps her find some peace and meditate in there.

  • Carla talks about the benefits of having a sauna

  • She is enjoying being back at the studio and coaching her clients

  • The American Grit

  • Joseph Campbell books

  • Carla has learnt about human design and mastery

  • Total Control on ABC and Aretha Frankin movies have been Carla’s TV pleasure

  • Carla talks about her experience on dating apps

  • Carla discusses the Dirtbox rally for her Uncle to raise money for cancer

  • Travelling is on the cards for Carla

  • Carla talks about the challenges of the pandemic and what to be grateful for in this season including being able to reopen both businesses, Bikram yoga teacher training, NLP training and utilising a dating coach

  • Taking into account of the big wins is the biggest things that makes your heart sing – Carla talks about when she gets together with all of her siblings

  • Ask yourself the question – what have you done to grow this year?

  • You are your number one job, making your happiness priority is your job only. Carla talks about asking yourself whether you are looking after you to take care and love yourself

  • Do you have a healthy work/life balance? If not, how can you change that?

  • Are you living or are you existing?

  • Are you journaling?

  • Are you focused on getting a good night sleep?

  • Do you exercise?

  • Are you saying no to people? Are you protecting your heart and ask yourself – does spending time doing a particular thing bring you joy?

x Carla