Get Happy Hour this week

This week on Get Happy Hour I talk positive growth and change with the awesome TT transformational coach and hypnotherapist Rose Cox


Rose Cox is an RTT transformational coach and hypnotherapist, business strategist and founder of the HSP Business School. Rose works specifically with highly sensitive people and empaths who have amazing gifts to share with the world, but struggle with both the mindset and technology necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Rose’s unique blend of soul, science, systems and strategy combines her 20 years experience in the fields of online business, hypnotherapy, coaching and psychology to help clients solve technology issues and dissolve mindset blocks so they can create a profitable online business with more ease and less burnout.

Here's a link to my summit early December:

Free sensitivity quiz if someone wants to discover if they are highly sensitive:


  • Rose has been studying personal development since her twenties and found an awakening course with Marisa Peer on Mindvalley then saw her on an intensive 12 day course with her when she came to Australia. This led her to her coaching and HSP business school.

  • HSP business school is a one year course with 12 modules to uncover what it means to be a highly sensitive person and how this impacts online business and therapy/coaching.

  • Rose is currently doing an advanced therapy hypnotherapy.

  • Her clients use her hypnotherapy to help with all ailments from weight loss, phobias, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Rose talks about being drawn to people who are HSPs and how this impacts business and how this re-wires mindset for HSPs in their self-belief.

  • Rose’s definition of happiness is doing what you love to do.

  • Rose is regimented with an ayurvedic starts to the morning such as oil pulling, tongue scraping, pranayama, vedic meditation and talks about her gratitude practice

  • Seeing client transformations makes Rose’s heart sing, along with her pets and the beach with her husband

  • Her fantasy meal would be a salmon and steam veggies and a baked New York cheesecake

  • All time favourite book: Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

  • What book are you currently reading? Genius Zone - Gay Hendricks, Psychotherapy for HSPs - Elaine Aron, Wild Mind - Bill Plotkin, Quiet - Susan Cain

  • Her fantasy dinner guests would be her Mum as she passed when she was 20, Mahatma Gandhi and Audrey Hepburn

  • The theme song for Rose would be Troy by Sinead O’Connor

  • Please check out Rose’s links on HSPs

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