Exercise time

This is a simple exercise I like to do that I encourage you to dive into also.

Get out your journal and just allow yourself to freestyle.

Letting that pen hit the paper and write about whatever it is that comes up for you, whatever emotions, feelings, beliefs and stories you are holding onto.

You may not even be aware yet that you are holding onto situations and events from your past or stressing about what may or may not happen in the future. Astonishing magic happens when we allow time to pause, put pen to paper and just let our feelings flow.

I deeply struggled when my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, I was so in love with him and it just hurt like hell that he did not want to be with me anymore. I missed the signs and didn't see it coming.

I fully understand the feeling of heartache and felt a deep sense of loss for quite some time. I had no choice but to come to terms with this, he had made his choice and I accepted that, but had to allow myself to grieve, cry and when I was ready to remember the good times, breathe and let it go.

I would start with taking a deep breath in and I say out loud to myself, ‘today I am choosing to let go of Michael.’

I accepted that the memories of our relationship were still going to be lingering around but decided that I just don’t need or have to get caught up in the emotional drama of it.

One of the hardest things that most of us need to do is let go of the expectations we have on ourselves and the expectations others place on us.

The narrative we or others have created for the way we think or they think we should be living our life.

I’m currently in my early 30’s and so many of my friends are trying to have babies and many are having complications conceiving. It's devastating for them and their partners as they really want little toddlers running around so much.

The stumbling block we get thrown is, when we want something, we really decide we want it, we can become obsessed, we can’t stop thinking about it and find ourselves getting consumed by it.

Possibly you are single like me and you have decided that you are ready and would like a partner. We put ourselves out there on dating apps, blind dates and just can’t understand why we can’t meet anyone decent. But the truth often is and it is a hard and confronting lesson to learn, anything that we push, push, push is going to resist us. Anything we try to control and force often breaks.

This is a universal law of life. When we push really hard it breaks. This can be seen with our bodies and health. We decide to train extremely hard and become determined to get fit for a marathon and if we continually push without allowing our bodies the time to recover and rest.

Guess what? Something is going to become injured or break.

How can we just learn to take a deep breath in and learn the art of letting it go?

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