Breathe, Relax and Just Learn to Let Go.

The way I like to approach being hurt by another is by practicing crystal clear communication, being open and honest, expressing how I feel.

‘Hey you know Sally. I really do not like the way that you did not return my call last night, I felt a bit rejected and hurt. I understand you must have forgotten. I just wanted to let you know how it made me feel.’

This method allows an open conversation and for both parties to share views and then fingers crossed moving on from the situation and letting it go.

Seriously what is the point in holding onto grudges? What good is it doing anyone?

Holding onto hurt and anger may generate some comforting sympathy in the moment, but grudges don’t fix the root problem. They don’t help us heal. Research tells us that holding onto grudges and negative feelings can increase our risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, plus so much more.

Life is meant to be lived; we don't want to have any regrets. You hear all these stories, about people who don't talk to someone that they once loved like a mother or brother for 10 years. Imagine not talking to someone for 10 years and then something happening and never being able to speak to them again one day when you really want to.

Yes, it can be really hard and I get all of us have our own individual circumstances but maybe it's worth having a look in your life and recognising things that are not worth stealing your peace over. Instead, can you can release and let go?

This can be tremendously hard and it's not an overnight process, it may take time and if you are finding it difficult maybe you journal on it every day, maybe you just pick up the phone call that friend, have an open conversation.

Or possibly you just take a big breath, meditate on it.

Or let your friend pick the restaurant reminding yourself that you don’t want to be that controlling, dominating friend. You much rather be the easy flow, fun and flexible friend.

Breathe, Relax and Just Learn to Let Go.

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