Are you Busy?

Are you that person that is always telling yourself and others that you are super busy?

Are you rushing from one appointment to the next and you just find that each day goes so amazingly fast and you feel like you don’t even have time to have a lunch break, let alone do anything for yourself?

When you run into a friend is this how your conversation starts?

‘Hey, how are you? How is your week going?’

Oh, man I’m great, I’ve just been so busy.’

It’s like every one of us is saying we are busy all the time. It has become the new normal, the cool thing to say. A badge of honour.

Busy, so busy. Busy, doing what?

How have we all become so busy?

What do we really mean when we say, we are busy?

Are we over-scheduled? Are we filling up our lives with to-dos to fill some kind of empty void? Are we afraid of downtime? Afraid of the silence? Are we scared to spend time with ourselves? Are we trying to compete with one another by stating how busy we are?

I am sooooooooo much busier than you are.

Is this busy-ness a choice or more a function of the new normal?

Why in the world would we all choose to be so busy? What is in it for us?

In my opinion we are super busy because we do not make the tough choices in our lives. We allow the world, social media and our inbox to set our agenda, rather than thinking for ourselves and living deliberately. It is easier to simply react to life and what is going on around us than to choose the way we want to respond.

Seriously, we can’t really be that busy when the average adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook. 16-24-year-olds spend approximately 3 hours a day on social media.

The average daily time spent on social media in 2019 was 153 minutes a day. This is clearly telling us that we can’t be that busy.

If we were all as busy as we say we are, we would not have time for social media or to watch and binge on 6 hours of television a day, which again has become the new normal.

The average person will spend a total of 3,462,390 minutes, that’s 57,706 hours, 2,404 days, that’s 6.5 years of your life using social media over your lifetime.

I think we need to shake it up a little bit with the deliberate choosing of our language and how often we use this word busy.

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