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A 3 month happiness coaching program for women who are wanting to awaken their confident and true self so they feel energised, abundant and on-purpose.  

Are you ready to:  

  • Swap being so busy and tired all the time being in groundhog day, for a life that actually lights you up? 

  • Discover what you want out of life, what makes you truly happy and awaken to your true self? 

  • Heal and release old blocks & patterns, and learn the art of letting go so that you can pursue what makes you happy and feel on purpose. 


If you’re ready to remember what it’s like to feel happy, to smile until your cheeks hurt, and to laugh until your belly hurts, this program is for you.

Hey, I’m Carla.

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After spending years traveling and rediscovering my true self and what a life that makes me feel happy actually looks like, I returned back to Australia to help others do the same. For the past decade, I have been walking the entrepreneurial path and built a life I love. As a Stevies Business Award Winner, Author, Speaker, and Coach I love helping others achieve the same. I own a soulful yoga school and a thriving gym on the east coast of Australia. As a yoga and meditation teacher, as well matrix therapy practitioner and NLP coach I have a potent toolbox of techniques and practices to help you create deep shifts in your life.  



How it works:  

The beauty of this program is that it’s 1:1 so it’s completely tailored to you, where you’re at and the shifts you need and want to make. Over 3 months we work through up to 12 key areas to help you redesign your life.  

What's included: 

  • 12x online coaching sessions - To help you gain clarity, have a plan, and overcome anything that’s holding you back, using powerful coaching, visualisations, meditations, and other secret sauce.  

  • Private support between sessions - so that you feel supported as you make the changes in your daily habits and routines. And can reach out any time you feel stuck, for guidance, advice, and breakthroughs.  

  • Tools & resources - Including a copy of my book, access to my meditations, personalised recommended reading, and more.  

  • Access to my 3-day Retreat - with daily yoga & nature, enjoying healthy meals, laughing, and sharing rituals that will leave you feeling uplifted and deeply inspired about life.  


Example topics we cover:  

  • Getting clear on your values, needs, and goals 

  • Creating your ideal day  

  • Developing boundaries, rituals, and habits so that you can experience that magical day and life you know you’re meant for 

  • Embodying the happy version of you (without faking it) 

  • How to eliminating the negativity in your life & let go of the past  

  • Decluttering what’s not making you happy so you have space for what does 

What other clients are saying:

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Glin Bayley 

Carla’s commitment to getting you to your true happy is second to none and I've no doubt will result in a profound effect on your life.”

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Claire Barker  

“Carla captivated me from the moment she stepped on stage. Her warmth and passion was undeniable but it was her personal and extremely vulnerable story that really resonated for me. I left the talk with a tear in my eye and inspiration in my heart, believing pursuing my dreams wasn't just a fairytale. I now run my own business as a nutritionist and a yoga instructor and feel like I shine brighter everyday, doing what truly makes me happy.” 

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Trish Bowditch 

“Carla is one of a kind, with an inspirational passion for life, an laugh infectious laugh and a fun loving, courageous spirit. After listening to her speak you feel inspired to be a better version of yourself. Carla’s wise, encouraging, inspirational and motivational message leaves you feeling grounded, ready to take on any challenges that you’re facing in life and inspired to follow your dreams. Her positive and radiant energy lift you up and help you see the bigger picture in life. Carla is one of the most authentic, enthusiastic  and high energy speakers that I have seen and I highly recommend her to anyone!” 

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Sharla Brown

Carlas’ encouragement and enthusiasm assists me to get the most out of myself. Her ability to teach me the ins and outs  has been instrumental to my success. Carla has well and truly surpassed anything I could hope for. Her endless dedication to her clients is remarkable. 

Carla is definitely one of a kind and I can credit her with a lot of my success. - Dianne Condon 

Carla empowers you with the tools to take action to make a happy life possible for each of us!

Investment and next steps: 

What is it costing you to live this life that’s sucking the life out of you? 

If you are ready to let go of the old and step into the new.

If you are ready to take action and awaken your confident and true self once and for all, this is your opportunity to go all-in on yourself… 

To do things differently to create a different result. No more spinning wheels.  

Investment options available including Upfront (best value) or Payment plan (flexible option).


If you’re ready to feel energised, abundant, and on-purpose, apply to work together via the free discovery session button below.  

I can’t wait to speak with you and explore how we can help you find your happy, NOW.