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What is life about?

What is means to be alive

I have a very important question I'd like to ask you about life: What is life really about?
I mean - what do you really, truly want in life? Where would you love to be? What would you love to be doing? Who would you love to be with?
I know these seem pretty obvious questions, but I think so many of us don’t actually stop to ask ourselves what we want out of life and if we are really enjoying every day. We're scared to stop being so busy and to breathe in and out. Chill out and take a moment to just smile and be grateful for another day we are alive.  I find it so weird that every year we celebrate a birthday but really what is different about our birthday, isn’t every day THE BIRTH OF A NEW DAY.
But here's the deal - you're never going to appreciate life unless we stop being so busy and take time every day to enjoy and take notice of the blessings surrounding us. Like the sunshine in our eyes, the full moon at night, the rush of the ocean or just sitting next to our loved ones holding their hand.
But, as hard as it may be, we're all going to die at some point. Our time is limited and so why are so many of us not enjoying every day. The suicide rate is on the rise and over 950 divorces happen in Australia every week. It’s like we have forgotten how to appreciate others, forgotten to smile and forgotten what life really is about.
This for me at the moment is at the front of my mind and I am spending a lot of time with my Da who is getting sicker and weaker by the day. The Da I grew up with was funny, loved to eat, love to play and couldn’t sit still. The Da I sit with now and hold his hand has no strength or energy to walk anywhere, has accidents regularly and can’t make it to the toilet in time and has no movement in his hands so anything he eats he wants in a straw and getting him to eat is becoming harder and harder.
As I sit with him and I try to talk and laugh all he wants to do is go for a walk, just to be able to walk down the street to collect the paper like a few months back, all he wants is to be able to use his hands to eat and do something instead of just sit in a chair all day and watch his life start to fade away.
This breaks my heart but it is the circle of life, we are born and we do fade away and pass on at some stage, so the question is WHY DO WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME DOING THINGS THAT MAKE US UNHAPPY, WHY HAVE WE BECOME A SOCIETY SO CINSUMED WITH PHONES AND BEING SO BUSY THAT WE FORGET TO BE ALIVE, to laugh, to laugh, to connect and to be grateful every day for the birth of a new day.
My habit and new goal that I am working on is to be alive every day and by that, I mean alive and awake when talking to someone to really listen, to put down the phone and to connect to the person I am talking to, to choose to smile no matter what comes my way, life happens but I choose to choose the way I react
What do you choose, do you choose to be alive and awake- I do hope so?
Connect with me, tell me how you are being alive and awake
Xx Carla
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Live a more fullfilled and happy life