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Unleash the Power Within

I spent the last weekend at a 4 day event called “Unleash the Power Within” with Tony Robbins (for those that don’t know him, he is one of my idols, mentors and a great leader who is so passionate about helping others.)


The weekend was full on and there were long hours and long days. In fact, on the Saturday we started at 8am and Tony didn’t leave the stage until 2am (he only had half an hour break) all I can say is that the energy that this man has is ELECTRIC!


The weekend was challenging and emotional as we worked through our own blocks and limiting beliefs and we spent lots of time working on our dreams, goals and what we wish to manifest, change and become in the future.


So many things came up for me and as I looked through my wheel of life there are definitely some areas to start to focus on and bring my attention too. My circle includes:


- Wealth

- Health

- Relationships

- Spirituality

- Goals and growing


When you look at the above list can you put a mark of 1-10 in how you feel that area is going for you? (1 being lowest, 10 being awesome)


Do you have any areas that stick out for you more than others as the hard part in life is keeping that balance?


It’s so easy to fall out of alignment when we get stressed at work or have heaps to do and we forget about the other areas of our life. Now, in our western society we can see the trends with people focusing on work and forgetting about health, exercise and looking after themselves.


If you had to ask yourself honestly, what area is out of balance and if that is the case, what can you do to start to get in alignment with it again?


For me it’s relationships, not all my relationships but my intimate relationships. I have become so focused on helping myself, learning to love myself which yes, I get it’s the most important part but now I’m ready to meet my soulmate, my man of my dreams!


How can you take action?


I learnt so much over the weekend but one of the major shifts was about our state and that we are in control of the state we are in. Tony teaches some great techniques to get you into state every day and I thought I’d share a few tips so that each and every day you can wake up and also get yourself to be in an amazing state.


· When we first wake up it’s important not to look at the phone, the media but first have 10 minutes to get yourself ready to get the best out of your day.

· Start with doing 2 sets of 10 breathing exercises really taking time to connect to your breath.

· Take a moment to say to yourself that today “I am going to have a great day!”

· Hold your hand on your heart and say “yes I am breathing what a gift today is”.

· Say to yourself that I choose to have a GREAT DAY today.

· Do a few fist pumps in the air and then head out into the world and give your grace and excellence to everyone that you encounter.

I hope that you allow yourself the chance to try this or something similar and make that choice to get in a positive state and choose that TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!


Send me comments, I would love to know how this is going for you and what shifts and changes you can make. Remember, to make a change we actually need to change, we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

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Live a more fullfilled and happy life