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Understanding the power of re-using waste to create healthy Sustainable foods with Julian Mitchell

Julian is a co-founder of Life Cykel. Growing up in Western Australia, Julian remained passionate about nature, health and sustainability, leading him to completing his Physiotherapy Degree at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to Life Cykel, Julian worked as a physiotherapist in the English Premier League before his entrepreneurial drive and belief in sustainable future led him to return to Australia to focus on mushroom biotechnologies. Julian now specializes in creating new mushroom products and technologies and future market trends utilising biotechnology.
Welcome to this week’s episode where we talk to Julian Mitchell:
Julian and Ryan co-founded Life Cykel and their company has been going for 3 years and recognised the relationship between mental health, food, and sustainability.
They recognised that the experience of growing your food, knowing where your nutrition comes from, brings about a sense of community and the company has 30 growers across Australia.
Mushrooms have massive health benefits because they are rich in vitamin B6 and iron and can help in nerve heath to myelinate and re-insulate your nerve cells. Promising research has demonstrated that it can help towards mild cognitive impairments. It also had positive effects on the liver and immune booster properties.
Julian’s definition of happiness is following his passion as it aligns with him. Travelling, meeting new people, and learning is a big passion for him too.
Julian starts his day by making his bed, going for a walk along Byron Bay and a mushroom latte is how he starts his day.
Connecting the dots and spending time in nature makes Julian content.
Spending time being grateful for where the business is helps to keep him grounded. His heart sings when he sees and seeks out inspiring people.
Julian’s favourite meal would be a red coconut curry.
Julian’s non-negotiable aspect of his day would be his morning routine.
Spending time with his friend Lee makes him laugh and find the lighter moments in his life.
Julian uses his “zoom out” time to look at his business and personal life and integrates his gratitude practice in this.
The Book of Murder – Guillermo Martinez
Meditations – Marcus Aurelius
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Live a more fullfilled and happy life