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Stop, breathe and time out

Throughout my experience with my yoga practice I have realized that it doesn't matter what the reason is when we first walk in the door, some people walk in for a stretch, a workout, to lose weight or to meditate. 

Whatever reason you may walk in the door the wonderful benefit of a regular yoga practice is that the more we come the more we learn about ourselves, who we are and what type of person we desire to be.

The reason I first walked in the door was physical, I had sore knees and the physio told me to take up yoga as it would help my body with the amount of running I use to do.

Yes, yoga for me started as a physical practice but now it has become so much more, I truly believe that the more we make time to get on our mats the more layers we peel away and the deeper we dive into and discover our true self, that person we are when no one else is watching. 

Slowly and gradually, I also started to understand that I am and can be spiritual, I'm not religious but when I'm on my yoga mat I feel a connection to a higher source which I have called my spirit or the universe. As a yoga teacher and a student I love that I can use my body to connect. Happiness and health comes from within and yoga is really what keeps me sane. Practicing yoga has not only improved my strength physically, but also mentally and spiritually. It is teaching that has taught me so much and this is why I am so passionate and teach every day.  My goal is to help all of you live a happier and healthier life.  It has taught me how to live in the present moment and helps me feel grateful and full of love no matter what is going on outside. So where ever you are try to find sometime in your life to connect with the universe, god (whatever you like to call it).

Mindfulness is becoming so popular in the western culture because of the way we choose to live our lives, so busy, rushing from here to there so please give yourself time to just stop, breathe and give yourself some time out.

Live a more fullfilled and happy life