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So this week it came to my attention that we don’t often praise others for the good work they do and we definitely don’t often praise ourselves for the good work that we do.


In the media we always hear what’s going wrong, who said this, who did this, who is fighting with whom, who doesn’t look the way they should? But where is the “well-done”, “great job”, “yes that’s it lets keep it up?”


How often does someone stop and really say “well done you are doing a great job?” Not often enough if you ask me. There are so many amazing people in the world doing such amazing things but so often they are not recognised or even acknowledged. All the people that volunteer for different organisations, all the people working so hard to create a change.


Why don’t we say thank you enough?


I’m not sure of the answer as to why things are not acknowledged but I am taking action and deciding to have more awareness of the people around me doing a great job:


- My staff who show up to work and bring energy and enthusiasm to our environment.


- My brothers who are being such great Dads to my nephews.


I was lucky enough to be nominated for the “Young Inspirational Woman of the Year Award NSW” - this was such a shock to me and it meant so much that someone took the time to write the application and nominate me. Whilst I did not take home the award, I got into the top 5 finalists and it really proved to me that there are some amazing people in our world, in our local communities who are doing such a great job to help others.


So ask yourself can you have a little more awareness like me and start to recognise things that need to be rewarded? Including recognising your own achievements and rewarding yourself? For example, how good does it feel if you do get to the gym in the morning or if you do write down your goals?

Whatever action you are working on make sure to take that moment to say well done and give yourself a pat on the back.


You’re awesome so make sure you tell yourself and tell someone else that they are awesome too!


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Live a more fullfilled and happy life