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Quieten the noise

Its so loud sometimes

If you are anything like me one of your most valuable belongings is your phone. So many numbers, so many apps, so many saved notes and so many messages and emails coming in all the time and my gosh if you leave for work without your phone…. arrghhhhhhhhhhhh what to do? (Major stress attack!)

Why has our life become so noisy, phones going off all the time, news being delivered on the radio, television being constantly played even in cafes and restaurants and then, we wonder why we find quiet time awkward or sitting in stillness so hard.

Don’t get me wrong technology is great. It does so much for us (being able to check in online, paying bills so many wonderful things, but it also does something else to us.

What technology is doing to us is potentially changing the very nature of who human beings are.

On average, a person looks at their phone over 150 times a day and most of us all say we have no time. We’re always rushing around, every day goes so quick, imagine if we stopped scrolling Facebook or Instagram (how much extra time would we have?)

I’m sure we have all been out or been that person sitting with a group of friends and scrolling the phone and not really listening to the person we are sitting with, we are too pre-occupied with judging someone on social media or texting a friend.

In some way, we are connected more but in another way, we are disconnecting ourselves. As I said technology is not bad in my opinion as I use it a lot myself but it sure is addictive. Studying the topic of happiness and what some of the causes of mental illness, anxiety, depression is, has to do with technology, negativity, fear and media.

· Judging and comparing ourselves to people on social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram

· Getting upset when we see our friends tagged in something and we were not invited too

· Pretty much every add on television is advertising a product that assumes we need something to love ourselves more (e.g. your teeth are not good enough so let’s whiten them etc, your health and weight could be a problem so you had better join Weight Watchers

The thing is what we see and hear enough, we begin to believe (i.e. what we think about, we bring about.)

It has been proven, the less TV we watch, the happier we are, as TV and news is filled with fear, bad stories, heartbreaks and drama

I’m not suggesting turning off the TV for good but just having an awareness of how much TV, how much social media and how much technology you are consuming.

For me this week I am having a clean out:

· No news

· No TV and no phone when I get home from work. Instead I’m going to listen to podcasts, read and just basically limit the noise and see what happens

What can you do this week to limit the noise in your life a little?


Live a more fullfilled and happy life