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Nat Kringoudis talks women health and fertility


Welcome to this week’s episode:
• Over her 15 years of experience, Nat’s path led her to look at women’s health and fertility.
• Her clinic is predominantly Chinese medicine based but it complements Western medicines
• Nat talks about her new book “Beautiful You”. It talks about life from puberty onwards and supports them for their sexual and reproductive health – including emotional health and look after their body.
• Nat emphasises the importance of sexual health education for parents and young girls alike.
• Nat’s consults with patients all over the world too.
• Nat’s definition of happiness is about feeling not a destination and loves spending time with the family and cross-fitting with her husband, Chris.
• Nat’s morning routine isn’t set as it depends on when her kids wake up but takes a chance to find a little time to meditate and check her emails.
• Mentoring is a rewarding experience that Nat enjoys alongside her professional work.
• Nat’s favourite meal would be anything slow-cooked.
• Nat fasts overnight for about 16 hours regularly and uses food as a way of recovering her body after movement.
• Nat encourages people the best thing they can do for their health is priortise their nutrition.
• The setbacks that Nat’s encountered have left profound impacts on Nat to look at her behaviour in terms of mindfulness and her career.
• Nat is a big laugh of loud advocate and her philosophy that laughter is medicine.
• “It’s not about treating patients; it’s about creating experiences when they walk through the door.”
• “Food is either a benefit or a deficit there is no in between.”
• “What are you doing each and every day to take your health where it wants to go? It’s not what you do when you go into the doctors office.”
• Beautiful You – Natalie Kringoudis
• Pam Grout (author)
• The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
• Nat Kringoudis website: www.natkringroudis.com
• Facebook: Nat Kringoudis
• Instagram: @natkringoudis
• Twitter: natkringoudis

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