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Life is a Golden Ticket

Can you believe how fast this year is going? We go through life so quick and unless we are fully awake and present in the moment we miss the moments.  Each day goes by and they seem to get faster and faster.

How often do we catch ourselves wishing for the weekend or the next holiday to be here but yet whilst we wish our days away we miss what is really going on around us. 

Last week a tragic accident happened to a girl in my local community; it broke my heart.  She was just 19 years old and was killed in an accident. I can’t help but feel pain for the family and her friends.  This tragic accident really woke me up to the realization that life really is a GOLDEN TICKET. 

A golden lottery ticket that we are blessed with every day. The truth of life and the gratitude I have for my golden ticket really comes alive for me when I am on my yoga mat. Yoga and meditation allows me to soften my mind, let go of the ego and really focus on the now, the present moment. Like most of us, my days are extremely rushed with trying to get everything done.  There just doesn’t ever seem to be enough time in a day and I feel as though I sometimes forget to take in the moments that make up every day.    Like many of you sometimes I find it hard to do any mindfulness or yoga   but then once I walk into the space and find my mat something magic happens - I  start to flow, I  start to connect and I start to soften my  mind is set to discover my amazing golden ticket.

It is so hard to explain to people that don’t practice yoga mindfulness or meditation, that this pure bliss this golden ticket is available if we allow ourselves the time to find it.   For me this week I have really been thinking about my golden ticket. My life, my body and how grateful I am to have that ticket at my fingertips. The reason I wake up every day, get to work and the reason I do what I do 

I can tell you that if you start to incorporate a just a few mins of your day with a little practice of yoga or meditation your day will become so much more.  That moment of stillness, that pure bliss, that synergistic flow, that break away from the kids or from work whatever it is for you.   The truth is we so often take our life for granted but if we start thinking about our life our journey as LIFE’S GOLDEN TICKET we offer ourselves an invitation to transform our hearts and our minds.  We come to this self- realization that life really is a LOTTERY TICKET AND WE DON’T WANT TO MISS A MOMENT SO WE LEARN AND DISCOVER THE ART OF LIVING IN THE PRESENT.

Today I am going to give you a secret tool that I use daily to give myself a reminder of my golden ticket and how lucky I am to be alive. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily routine that we often forget that (heck we are breathing) this is just a short mindfulness exercise that you too can do to remind yourself of your Golden ticket 

1.      find a safe place to lay or sit quietly (somewhere you won’t get interrupted) 

2.      start to let go of the thoughts and start to focus on the breath really feel it come in and out the body (really focus on how full you can make your breath) 

3.      start to bring the attention to your feet and think about all the things that your feet have allowed you to do - kick a ball, feel sand in your toes, walk in the ocean 

4.      then start to bring the attention to your legs - those legs that have allowed you to run in a race, dance on a dance floor, wear a pair of tight jeans and feel amazing 

5.      then start to work your way up to the stomach the amazing stomach that allows you to digest food, tells you when its hungry

6.      then to your amazing heart that loves to feel -it has allowed you to feel hurt, as well as love it has really allowed you to connect 

7.      then all the way up to your neck that amazing neck that loves a massage and that neck that has allowed you to turn and rotate your head 

8.      then we have these amazing lips that have allowed us to kiss, allowed us to taste your amazing dinner 

9.      this amazing nose that allows you to smell, smell your favourite things - flowers, coffee, fresh bread 

10.  then we have our eyes that allow us the gift of sight, the ability to read and to look at our friends and family and see them 

wow what a body we have 

Sometimes we just need a reminder every day of how lucky we are and that our body and life is a Golden ticket.

Join me and for the next 7 days let’s do this exercise every day and really take the time to connect with our golden tickets 

I’d love to hear how you go with the exercise or if you wish to share any other golden tickets with me.

Until next time 

Laugh till it hurts, smile as if you are always at a wedding and let’s GET HAPPY NOW XX

Live a more fullfilled and happy life