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Learn to talk kinder to yourself with Emily Lane

 Emily Lane is a personal empowerment mentor and consciousness teacher.   She facilitates pristine clarity and practical self-leadership skills for those on a transformation journey.  She is particularly passionate about creating a Sanctuary for the Feminine, helping women and men alike to rest and replenish in a safe space so that they can connect more deeply to themselves, to each other and to Life Itself.

Emily is a Partner at Empowered Women Consulting, Founding Partner of the Conscious Business World Summit and former host of the world's largest Mindfulness-in-Business Conference, Wisdom 2.0.   Her work has reached leaders and employees from top tier organisations including LinkedIn, IBM, Accenture, the Central Bank, Qualtrics, Google and Facebook, as well as tens of thousands of individuals from over 20 countries globally.  

Emily loves to laugh and never says no to a great adventure!


Welcome to this week’s episode where we talk to Emily Lane.

  • Emily had quite a traditional, Irish, catholic upbringing and entered into the corporate 

    environment quite early on and found that she was getting burnt out in her mid-twenties.
    • Emily decided to leave and lo and behold, when she made the decision, the company wasn’t doing financially well and she was offered voluntary redundancy and this fueled her trip around the world.
    • At 28, a white-water rafting experience is Ecuador took a turn for the worse and she suffered a near death experience with her boat being capsized. It was the wake-up call she needed about what route to take.
    • Emily fell unconscious and experienced parting thoughts.
    • Emily’s path led her to Sydney shortly afterwards and to think about what her path meant for her.
    • Emily went back to Ireland to begin her new life and she realised travelling and leaving ones country is a way to appreciate your home.
    • Getting involved in Wisdom 2.0 has been one of Emily’s career highlights.
    • The event demonstrated how there is a need to be “perfect” in business but its emphasis should be on being as authentic as possible.
    • Emily talks about being kinder to yourself, letting yourself off the hook helps to embrace the learning journey and bringing that message back to your tribe is a way to grow.
    • “To me”, “By me”, “Through me” approaches can help with shifting your mindset.
    • “To me” - is a victim mentality so shifting this can help with finding self-empowerment by taking responsibility.
    • “By me” – we are owners and creators of our reality. This is being actioned by masculine energies.
    • “Through me” – this uses feminine principles where you’re in receivership to be inspired. Leaving the ego aside allows you to step back and ask yourself “what wants to be created?” This is a powerful place to detach and surrender as it allows you be open to creative flow by a higher power.
    • SNNOWMERFUNGROUNDS – is an acronym that can help to get into a positive space.
    • Alignment is Emily’s definition of happiness.
    • Emily has a gentle awakening practice that allows her to be present. She uses silence, softness and spaciousness to decide how to get inspired for the day.
    • Emily’s things that make her heart sing are being open with her heart when she’s in her group, a connection with spirit and enjoying the craic. Ultimately, connection with life.
    • Emily’s favourite meal would be a raw food lasagna or raw food chocolate cake.
    • Emily uses prayer, meditation and chanting to get her in alignment, she uses energy-clearing techniques, and blessing her projects and journaling for self-reflection as a daily routine.
    • The best thing that Emily can think that our listeners can do for their health is to honour their natural design.
    • Emily finds inspiration from every day people to Oprah. Her teachers involve Abraham Hicks.
    • Journaling helps Emily with her gratitude practice and sends energy to people who have blessed her life as well as sending loving kindness to people who have hurt her as it forces her to grow.
    • “You came here with the you-ness of you intact. You came here with your signature design and that is not going away. You must operate with that at your anchor point.”
    • “Find the fun in the moment.”
    • Seagull – Jonathan Livingston
    • The 15 commitments of practical leadership – Jim Dethmer
    • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

    • www.abraham-hicks.com
    • https://www.emilylane.tv/
    • The Global Tribe of Conscious Creators

Live a more fullfilled and happy life