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Learn to find more Life to live with, with MJ Fitzpatrick

Learning to Trust ourselves

MJ Fitzpatrick - Shownotes
MJ is a teacher who works with people to become the most authentic version of themselves possible. He works with both men and women of all walks of life, from those running 9 figure businesses to people struggling to make ends meet to help them find more life to live by becoming themselves. He can be found over at www.mjfitzpatrick.com
Welcome to this week’s podcast, today we are talking to MJ Fitzpatrick.
MJ has always been a people person from a young school age. 
MJ grew up with difficulties with anxiety and worries and making sure he was always doing the right thing. 
At 17 he was playing Rugby Union at school and experienced a devastating accident where he broke his neck. It took about 2 years where he was learning to deal with this. 
Unfortunately two years later, MJ broke his back and by aged 20 he had his second spinal effusion. This led him to be angry with the world and started to push back.
PTSD, drug addiction and issues with mental health led him to his personal journey. MJ then moved overseas.
Getting better as a human being is one of the biggest lessons MJ learnt. 
Eventually MJ could not longer think that his hardships he went through were bad as it led him to good through his service he could give to others. 
MJ was scared about betting on himself at this point to be a coach to help others so he enrolled into med school and on his second day he had an intuitive message that it wasn’t right for him and 5 weeks later made a courageous and emotional decision to leave. 
MJ’s path took him to personal training and found that it didn’t have as much of impact as he would have liked.
MJ then turned to the Sydney start-up hub which contained 5000 people and added each one of these entrepreneurs as a friend on Facebook. 
3000 accepted and MJ emailed each of them to offer them a free session of coaching and eventually this led to paid clients - this is how his business took off.
A speaking gig allowed him to offer the same thing where he could connect with people for free initially then eventually get to help them with his business. 
This led MJ to think about what sort of impact he wanted to have on the world and follow his internal compass. 
MJ realised that his work is a reflection of his spiritual journey and staying humble and true to his craft helped with this. 
MJ spends part of his day doing deep work where he can work on his craft and the rest of the time spending time with clients. 
MJ’s definitions of happiness is spending time in one of his programs he’s created called The Container and the second definition is connecting with his girlfriend.
MJ has a routine doing HIIT on the bike, meditation, deep breathing and spend time by the harbour. He writes five things he needs to get done and then three things he’s grateful for.
MJ’s last meal on Earth would be a Las Vegas rib eye steak, crispy fries, bearnaise sauce and soda water.
MJ’s non-negotiable thing is connecting with himself beyond his mind and building on his intuition. 
Anything that sacrifices your health for any other outcomes is not conducive to anything and not worth taking the risk. Placing importance on health can answer those honest questions you should ask yourself where you can let go of ego and serve yourself in a positive way. 
MJ’s inspiration has been his girlfriend, due to her way of dealing with trauma along with idols such as Anthony Robbins, Oprah etc.
MJ’s deepest failures beyond what he’s discussed is that he can look back with gratitude is, letting go of some friends that at the time, were good but ongoing weren’t.
If MJ is out of his natural state he relaxes his body and tries to go back to his routine. 
MJ’s laugh out loud moments include stand up comedians like Eddie Izzard, the people in his life and himself. 
MJ has several gratitude practices - starting with his home country - Australia. 
Things talked about
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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tau
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch 
“It’s important to have something to connect with that is bigger than yourself. It can be through music, dance, prayer, in my case - water.”
“Stress is thinking that your body is going to get eaten.”

Live a more fullfilled and happy life