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Jenny Fogarty talks accelerating performance in business and prosperity in life and love



As a highly trained NLP Trainer & Master Coach, Jenny helps women to release their emotional blocks and limiting beliefs to re-claim their feminine energy and become the truest and highest expression of their authentic self.

By helping women to heal their past and inner wounds, they are able to shed their ego and focus to live as one with soul. Jenny’s intuitive insights help women to trust in the light and follow their instincts to manifest what they fervently desire.

As the Soul Strategist, Jenny empowers women with a strategy designed to achieve results personally and professionally, accelerating performance in business and prosperity in life and love.

Jenny believes in the power of the mind-body connection and through education and emotional intelligence we can create an internal and external space where health and happiness thrive!

It is through the principles that Jenny teaches, that her own healing and transformation took place. Now she gets to share these and give back as my contribution to women and the world.


Jenny has been in coaching and NLP for three years after a colourful past involving travelling, working in the mining industry and personal training. After dealing with anxieties, drug use, toxic relationships, loneliness, and long hours it gave Jenny a way to shift her perspectives on her outlook of life.
Jenny talks about modelling masculine energy and fighting her femininity.
Negative talk and anxieties were the starting point where things were beginning to shift and a friend bought her an NLP three pack course where she should understand her mind and her conditioning.
Getting in touch with a coach helped her to create her own business.
NLP is neuro-linguistic programming. It is the study of human behaviour and emotional intelligence or the study of the unconscious mind or is a toolkit in how we use our mind, emotions and language to create excellent results. Used for coaching, therapy, sports, sales, marketing, communication skills.
Timeline therapy helps a person go into their past to release any negative emotions or limiting beliefs and in the future where you programme what you want to create in the future.
Jenny talks about what general sessions with her involving helping people with business, performance, and relationships and using NLP to lay the foundation for what people want to achieve.
Rebuilding forms a part of it as recalibrating the mind and mapping out a future process to achieve their goals.
Jenny’s definition of happiness includes gratitude, living in the moment and making the most of life and talks about bringing yourself back to those states if you step out of your norm.
Jenny’s routine involves meditation, visualisation and setting intentions using mantras and thanking the unconscious mind. A little dancing and a high kick gets her body moving.
Jenny talks about using this projection with finding her partner.
Jenny’s joy is brought by the end of her sessions with her clients to create great results, her live training courses and dancing.
Her favourite meal is brown rice, avocado, halloumi cheese all mixed.
Jenny’s non-negotiable daily thing is exercise.
Emotional well-being is the biggest thing people can be consciously aware of as research shows on average 8/12 emotions we feel everyday are negative.
Jenny’s Dad and Sister are important role models to her.
Jenny’s failures and setbacks have led her to achieve her successes now.
Seeing other people happy is what makes her happy.
Jenny’s gratitude practice uses Deepak Chopra’s meditation and grounding.


“No change happens until a person wants to surrender to their own bullshit”
“Where you change your perception, your reality changes.”
“To be high on life means to be essentially happy without using the avoidance methods to feel happy.”
“There is no such thing as a bad person, just bad behaviours.”

Things talked about

Nic Pigeon - psychologist
Paulo Coehlo - The Alchemist
Dalai Lama - The Art of Happiness
Mel Robbins - 5 second rule TED talk
Deepak Chopra - Meditation and gratitude


Website: www.jennifer-fogarty.com
Facebook: Jennifer Fogarty

Live a more fullfilled and happy life