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Finding Lasting Happiness with Marc Hoy

Lasting Happiness

T.M. Hoy has also written Rotting in the Bangkok Hilton (Skyhorse Publishing), and The Nature of Religion (Pan Publishing). Originally from California's Silicon Valley, he became a gemologist after college and worked in the jewellery industry for years. He travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and kept homes in Bangkok and the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. It was at his villa in Chiang Mai where a friend murdered a woman in his house and he made the fateful decision to help cover it up instead of going to the police. He spent the next 5 years in Bangkok's notorious Bang Kwang Central Prison and an additional 11 years in the U.S. prison system. Today he lives in Tucson, AZ, where he fights a (losing) battle against getting fat from all the great Mexican restaurants. You can find him online at LastingHappiness.net


Love and meaning in our life and real relationships is the ultimate lessons that Marc learnt in Thai prison, especially after being so close to death several times.
Finding peace amongst the prison system was the way Marc learnt to experience profound peace
Marc is a communications analyst for a phone company now where he helps people, and is settled in to the normalcy of life
Marc’s definition of happiness is about love, meaning, and creativity
Marc’s routine starts my a simple breakfast and working out
Good music, and his girlfriend are the things that make his heart sing
Carne ensaladas are his go to Mexican food
Exercise is the non-negotiable thing that Marc does
Aristole, Nicola Machiaveli, Elizabeth I would be his ideal fantasy dinner guests
Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” would be Marc’s theme tune
The best thing he believes listeners can do is to create the best relationships with themselves and be a little kinder to themselves and to get in touch with him and engage in a conversation.

Rotting in the Bangkok Hilton(Skyhorse Publishing), and The Nature of Religion (Pan Publishing) T M Roy
The Ascension of Man – Jacob Bronowski
Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkein
Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
Jack Reacher series – Lee Childs
Lau Tzu

Live a more fullfilled and happy life