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Becoming Confident

Do you ever feel a liitle nervous or feel that you are lacking confidence 

i sure do 

Do you ever find yourself walking down the street or in a social situation where you feel shy or really lack confidence?  It is so easy to talk negatively about ourselves or care what other people think of us. This is so weird because even when we think we are a confident person like myself I find in so many situations where I  creep away and feel nervous to speak up or start a conversation
Why is this? Fear of saying the wrong thing, worried we will look like an idiot, scared that we might upset someone. It is strange because so often I say and I hear others say that we don’t care what people think of us but really in some way or another we do really care.
I have personally found for myself in so many areas that I am confident but then in so many other areas I am this shy little girl that is scared about what people will say or if they will talk about me behind my back.  I have started to do lots of videos for YouTube or Facebook to help get my message out and it is so weird but at the time of posting I shrink into this nervous school girl so I have to feel the fear and post anyway. A great thing I have learnt to do is to just click post and turn off the computer and walk away for a few hours that way it is done and I can’t do anything about it.
So, if you stop and ask yourself what are the areas in your life that you need to work on maybe it is your confidence levels.  I am sure we all have areas that need some growth and practice and so this week I am working on building up my self-confidence muscle. The areas that I need to work on are for sure posting my videos on social media, when talking to a cute guy I can sometimes turn into that little school girl again so my tools to help us build our confidence is
  • Remember a time when we did have a heap of confidence; we have all had a period in our life that we felt great. Maybe winning a school race, maybe getting that job promotion so a great exercise is to really take yourself back to that time and really feel those exact feelings and then go and do something that scares you.  For me I always remember that feeling of when I opened my own yoga school I was so proud of myself and I think if I can do that then I can post a video on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Another great tool I like to use is to just pretend – so often I get nervous and scared when being put at the front of an audience either teaching yoga or talking on stage but heck I just pretend. The audience doesn’t know I am shitting myself unless I tell them or show them, so I just pretend and whilst I am pretending I may be sweating under my arms but hey over time practice pays off.
  • Another great thing to do that I love is to walk with a straight spine and my looking at people in the eye, again this can often be hard but if we just practice it eventually gets easier.
As Christopher Robin says in Winnie the Pooh; ‘You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”.
So, this week can I challenge you to work on your confidence.  We all love a confident person, someone who really owns themselves so let’s together work on that
Believe me if I can you can
Have a great week being that wonderful confident person that you really are
Until next week

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Live a more fullfilled and happy life