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Are we really that busy?

Do you use being busy as an excuse

In my day job I welcome and greet members of my gym and yoga school all day; I’ve noticed that majority of the time lately I say to people "How are you? " and the reply I so often get is "I’m busy, so busy, I just have so much going on" and then the other day I caught myself saying exactly the same thing and I thought to myself I have this disease too, this disease of being so busy.  How did we all end up like this instead of being human beings we have so often become human doings who just constantly think about what needs to be done which makes us “busy” rather than giving the present moment as much of our attention that we can.
What happened to the days that we sat around the dinner table and didn't hear the phone go off several times and rushing to read the latest on Facebook again for the 150th time today or what happened to going and meeting a friend on the weekend and not worrying about what time we have to leave to get to the next appointment scheduled in our diary.  What happened to looking at the girl making the coffee and having a friendly chat instead of getting frustrated because the coffee is taking longer than expected and thinking that we are now going to be late.
WHEN DID WE BECOME SO BUSY? WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED?  Maybe we often use “busy” as an excuse to get out of having a real human connection, a real human conversation.
This disease of being “busy” (and let’s call it what it is, the dis-ease of being busy, when we are never at ease) it steals from us being present and really living in the moment and enjoying each and every day. We all have so much to do but whilst we rush from here to there we miss all the magical moments of our day that make up our week that makes up our lives.
For so many of us, we have forgotten how to just be without; without the phone, without the podcast, without the technology etc.  We are so focused on getting everything done that we forget to just be and to not rush everything and everyone.
But, the good news is it does not have to be like this, we can make that choice to not use “busy” as an excuse.  We can choose to sit at the dinner table without the interruption of the phone or emails going off, we can choose to really be with our kids, to listen to their stories, to laugh with our family and just to BE in that present moment.
My goal this week is to not use the term busy as an excuse but instead when I am greeted to reply “THANKS, I’M GREAT” and yes even if I am busy not to tell people that I am as it’s my choice to be busy but to instead embrace being a human that finds herself busy but can manage that with each aspect of her life.
Remember you are still a human being, not just a human doing. Tell me you’re more than just a machine who just ticks the items from your to-do list. Let’s this week practice being real, being here and not catch ourselves saying “we are just so busy”. 

Live a more fullfilled and happy life