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When Marina J became a single mum in 2001 her light went out. She couldn’t find anyone to teach her; not just how to turn her life around, but actually how to flourish. So she made a decision: She would do it. She put herself on her own program and within 6 months her life turned around in a BIG way and her light turned back ON. She had what those around her didn’t: A system that took her out of her old life and into the new. She’s a #1 best-selling author, speaker and life coach at marinaj.net. She’s been interviewed on Channel 9’s TV Breakfast show, national radio and national publications and she LOVES what she does – because your happiness is everything!

Carla Maree

Welcome to Episode 1 of Get Happy Hour: Carla is a girl and a humanitarian on a big mission to make a difference in the world and will be talking to leading health and wellness experts, business entrepreneurs and inspiring speakers to find out what brings them joy as well as learn some valuable lessons in what role happiness plays in their success. In today’s episode, we learn more about the podcaster herself!

  • Carla’s journey has taken her all over the world. When she was younger she went to live in Europe when she first started out acting.
  • Carla opens her own business after learning about what to when she returns home after her travels
  • Carla talks about how valuable yoga is to her and how it saved her. The growth and journey of her yoga journey led her to open her second business Happy Hot Yoga.
  • Carla explains what Happiness is to her.
  • Carla talks about her routine and how gratitude, affirmations and exercise plays a part in it.
  • Carla talks about what makes her heart sing and how spending time with her nephews, on the yoga mat and travelling gives her joy
  • Carla talks about how her favourite book and what she’s reading now

Live a more fullfilled and happy life