I been thinking lots about how what we are looking outside ourselves for is inside of us and it brings me always back to this quote by Rumi

“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.”

Why we continue to look outside ourselves for the validation, the likes, the happiness etc its only going to come when we dive inside and choose

What today can you find inside yourself?

I just loved this chat with Aleks Nikolic (also known as Brokegirlwealth)

Check it out at Get Happy Hour - Learning tips and tricks to help save and build wealth is something that I personally love to learn about and in this episode of Get Happy Hour this is exactly what we do

In this episode we chat about

How Alex already amassed an impressive net worth of $100,000 at just 26-years-old,

Aleks is the perfect example. Her journey to financial freedom is profoundly inspiring and while she recognizes that we all start our financial journeys at different places, her Instagram page is dedicated to helping other women better understand budgeting, investing and building wealth.



  • Aleks is a lawyer by day but her Instagram page is dedicated to personal finance. The start of the journey started as a result of credit card debt and realized she couldn’t pay it off as a way with her part time job.

  • Aleks and Carla talk about building up credit card debt.

  • 60% of Australians live paycheck to paycheck.

  • Aleks and Carla discuss ways they find money empowering and making it work for you

  • Take your bank bill and go through it with a highlighter and separate it in 3 parts – one that brings you joy, one that are bills and ones that you are ok to let go of. This can help you save some of those expenses.

  • Finding a sustainable way of budgeting is critical and Aleks talks about some processes that helps to build your budget and seeking help.

  • The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape is a recommended book that both Carla and Aleks recommend to help understand your finances a little better

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xx Carla

I’m so excited to announce that my Happiness Coaching Program is officially open for enrollment.

Are you ready to take your life and happiness to an entirely new level?


A 3 month happiness coaching program for women who are wanting to awaken their confident and true self so they feel energised, abundant and on-purpose. 

If you’re ready to remember what it’s like to feel happy, to smile until your cheeks hurt, and to laugh until your belly hurts, this program is for you.


The beauty of this program is that it’s 1:1 so it’s completely tailored to you, where you’re at and the shifts you need and want to make.

Over 3 months we work through up to 12 key areas to help you redesign your life. 

WHAT’S INCLUDED 12x online coaching sessions Private support between sessions Tools & resources Access to my 3-day Retreat

Example topics we cover:  Getting clear on your values, needs, and goals Creating your ideal day  Developing boundaries, rituals, and habits so that you can experience that magical day and life you know you’re meant for Embodying the happy version of you (without faking it) How to eliminating the negativity in your life & let go of the past  Decluttering what’s not making you happy so you have space for what does


If you are ready to become your happiest and most confident self, let’s speak.

Send me a reply and lets explore what working together could mean and look like for you.

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