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Carla Maree - A Happy Chick ready to Motivate

Carla Maree is one of a kind; she is full of energy, love and inspiration. Carla is a born and bred Aussie who has travelled across the globe growing, developing and discovering herself. She is a huge enthusiast of life and loves to experience as much as life has to offer. Carla has trekked to the heights of Everest Base Camp, the Kodada trail and worked in a orphanage in Africa as well as backpacked her way through Europe, Egypt and many more.

After years of self discovery and working her way through her own life journey and personal growth she has discovered her true WHY?? and purpose in life which is to help others live a life beyond their dreams, to HELP other set goals and to achieve them, to fight limiting beliefs and live a life above and beyond. Carla says it is her mission in life to help others change the way they think so they can continually break boundaries and become the very best version of themselves.

Carla Maree is an owner of an Anytime Fitness franchise and a personal trainer in her own gym in Australia as well as a certified yoga teacher and is the founder of her very own yoga school, Happy Hot Yoga, in which she teaches her yoga practices to many in her local community.

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Get happy now: The Toolkit to live the life you deserve

Let’s get one thing straight we all deserve to be happy!

Regardless of where we are in our lives we all want to be happier, healthier and to wake up every day excited about our life, going to work or feeling energized. Are you too embarrassed to make a change or you just feel a little stuck? It is extremely necessary to be open, honest and true to yourself—to live the life that you want to live.

Carla Maree gives an insightful personal account from from the normal mediocre level of happiness that she felt to a completely new level of true ‘Authentic Happiness’; learning the art of self love, mindfulness and the true art of living a life of purpose.

This inspirational book offers tools and exercises that Carla utilises everyday to create the life of her dreams. Be guided by her and you will soon increase your self-awareness, develop your self-love muscles and learn to develop a greater sense of gratitude. She encourages us to discover our true authentic happiness because honestly we all deserve to Get Happy Now.

Live a more fullfilled and happy life

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